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trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
i finally believe that
lol, horoscope from friday's "the maroon," loyola's weekly newspaper 
6 Feb 2006, 0:08
they make sure to type, "for entertainment purposes only" right under it.

"lucky girl that you are, you will find romance this week. unfortunately, that piece of trash pisces will steal him away from you."
6 Feb 2006, 13:54 (UTC)
piece of trash pisces?

i think your horoscope person is signist!

6 Feb 2006, 17:45 (UTC)
lol, i know. btw, i like your icon!
6 Feb 2006, 20:07 (UTC)
thank you, i'm quite proud of my penny arcade icons =)
9 Feb 2006, 6:23 (UTC)
i still don't know how i know you.
9 Feb 2006, 17:30 (UTC)
I don't think we do know each other?
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